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Giving to our Community

Your donations go to help at-risk and poor families and children across the community - and beyond.
We all know how much can make one meal or just a common book... or one child saved from human trafficking. That dream turns to life when God's people join Him in a mission throughout the world.
No matter the size of your dream, we can help thousands of people to make their dreams come true and to support our mission partners globally.
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The Women's Ministry at Blackey Baptist Church works closely with the Woman's Missionary Union (WMU), which is a dynamic and compassionate group of women who are dedicated to serving God, their church, and their community. This ministry is not only a pillar of support for women but also a powerful force for positive change. The WMU members come together to engage in mission work, study the Bible, and offer spiritual support to one another. Through various outreach activities, prayer groups, and fellowship events, they actively live out their faith, fulfilling the mission of spreading God's love to those in need. The WMU exemplifies the heart of Christian service and is a source of inspiration to the entire church community. Learn more about the WMU by clicking here.

Food and Clothing Help

If you are in need of food and/or clothing, we are here to help you. Please contact us at:
Blackey Baptist Church1027 Knox Creek DriveHurley, VA 24620Phone: 276-566-7254Email: moc.liame%40hcruhCtsitpaByekcalB
We are here to help, so please reach out!

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Help us help others!

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