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Youth Group

Sunday 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM, also meets at "The Connection" 


About Our Youth Group

The Youth Group at Blackey Baptist Church is a vibrant and expanding community for young people seeking to grow in their faith and develop meaningful connections with their peers. Here's a description of what you can expect to find in this thriving youth ministry:
Membership: The Youth Group at Blackey Baptist Church welcomes teenagers from various backgrounds and walks of life. It is a place where they are celebrated, and every young person is embraced with open arms.
Faith Development: The primary focus of the Youth Group is to foster spiritual growth among its members. Through engaging and age-appropriate Bible study sessions, worship, and prayer, the group provides young people with the tools they need to deepen their faith and develop a personal relationship with God.
Interactive Discussions: The youth engage in open and interactive discussions, allowing them to explore their faith, ask questions, and share their thoughts and experiences. This environment encourages active participation and the sharing of personal insights.
Practical Relevance: The group emphasizes the practical application of faith in the lives of teenagers. The discussions often center on topics relevant to the challenges young people face in today's world, helping them navigate issues such as peer pressure, relationships, ethics, and personal identity.
Mentorship: Adult leaders and mentors provide guidance, support, and positive role models for the youth. They are there to offer advice, encouragement, and a listening ear, helping young people navigate the complexities of adolescence.
 "The Connection" is a dedicated space within the community for teenagers to hang out and build friendships. It's a welcoming and safe environment where they can socialize, study, play games, and simply be themselves. This space encourages the formation of lasting friendships and a sense of belonging within the church community.
Mission and Outreach: The Youth Group is actively involved in various mission and community outreach activities, helping young people to live out their faith through service to others. This enables them to make a positive impact in their local community and beyond.
Regular Gatherings: The Youth Group typically meets regularly, which may include weekly meetings, special events, and outings that foster fellowship and spiritual growth. These gatherings are designed to be fun and engaging, ensuring that young people look forward to being part of the group.
Youth-Led Initiatives: The group encourages young people to take leadership roles and initiate activities that align with their interests and passions. This fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among the teenagers.
In summary, the Youth Group at Blackey Baptist Church, with "The Connection" as a dedicated space for teenagers, is a place where young people can not only grow in their faith but also find a supportive and nurturing community. It provides a safe haven for teens to connect with one another, build lifelong friendships, and explore the Christian faith in a relevant and meaningful way. The youth ministry at Blackey Baptist Church is dedicated to helping the next generation become faithful, compassionate, and service-oriented individuals.