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Children's Church

Sunday 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

About Our Children's Church

Growing tomorrow's church leaders. 


The Children's Church at Blackey Baptist Church is a loving and engaging environment specially designed for children to learn about God, grow in their faith, and have fun while doing so. Here's a description of what you can expect to find in this vibrant and nurturing children's ministry:

Age-Appropriate Learning: Children's Church caters to kids of various ages, offering age-appropriate lessons and activities that are designed to meet the developmental needs and understanding of each age group.

Bible-Centered Curriculum: The core focus of the Children's Church is to teach the Word of God in a way that is engaging and relatable for kids. Lessons are built around Bible stories, parables, and verses that impart valuable life lessons and biblical principles.

Interactive Teaching: Children are encouraged to actively participate in the learning process. Lessons often include storytelling, creative arts and crafts, music, games, and discussions that make the teachings come to life.

Worship and Prayer: Children's Church typically includes a time of worship and prayer, allowing kids to connect with God in a way that is meaningful to them. Songs and prayers are chosen with children in mind, helping them engage in a spirit of worship.

Loving and Supportive Leaders: The Children's Church is staffed by dedicated and caring leaders who are passionate about nurturing the faith of the children. These leaders provide a safe and supportive environment, ensuring that each child feels loved and valued.

Safety Measures: The safety and well-being of the children are of utmost importance. The church often implements security measures to ensure a safe and secure environment for the kids while they are in Children's Church.

Life Application: Lessons go beyond the theoretical and aim to help children understand how biblical principles can be applied to their daily lives. This includes teaching values such as kindness, honesty, and love for others.

Special Events and Activities: Throughout the year, the Children's Church may organize special events, outings, and activities that make learning about God even more enjoyable. These events may include holiday celebrations, picnics, and community service projects.

Family Integration: The Children's Church often seeks to integrate families into the learning experience. Parents and guardians are kept informed about the topics being taught and are encouraged to continue the conversation and activities at home.

Child-Centered Approach: The program is designed to be child-centered, recognizing the unique needs and interests of each child. This approach fosters a love for learning and a deeper understanding of God's love.

In conclusion, the Children's Church at Blackey Baptist Church is a place where children can experience the love of God, learn valuable life lessons, and grow in their faith in a fun and interactive way. It provides a supportive and nurturing environment for young believers, helping them develop a strong foundation of faith that can last a lifetime.

  • Fun activities for children, including vacation bible school

  • Building friendships that last a lifetime

  • Learning about the love of Jesus. Our children are our future!