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Recovery Church

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Recovery Church

At Blackey Baptist Church, we understand the far-reaching impact of addiction on individuals, families, and our community. Our Recovery Ministry is a beacon of hope, offering a safe and supportive environment for those seeking healing and freedom from the chains of addiction, depression, and grief. ___________________________________________Drug addiction, alcohol, weight management, grief, depression, etc.Matthew11:28


About Our Recovery Ministry

Our Mission:The mission of our Addiction Recovery Ministry is to provide guidance, encouragement, and spiritual support to those battling addiction. We aim to foster a holistic approach to recovery, addressing not only the physical and emotional aspects but also the spiritual well-being of those we serve.
What We Offer:
Supportive Community: We offer a compassionate and non-judgmental community where individuals can share their struggles, find encouragement, and build lasting connections with others who have faced similar challenges.
Counseling and Education: Our program integrates evidence-based counseling and educational resources to help individuals better understand addiction, develop coping strategies, and make informed decisions on their journey to recovery.
Faith-Based Approach: We firmly believe in the transformative power of faith, and our ministry incorporates prayer, spiritual guidance, and biblical teachings to help individuals strengthen their relationship with God as a source of strength and guidance.
Group Meetings: Regular group meetings provide a platform for open discussions, mutual support, and sharing of experiences to inspire hope and recovery.
Outreach and Service: We encourage our members to actively participate in community outreach and service projects, enabling them to give back and find purpose in helping others.
Who We Are:Our ministry is composed of individuals who have personally experienced the challenges of addiction, as well as dedicated volunteers who are committed to walking alongside those on the path to recovery.
Whether you are seeking recovery for yourself or a loved one, we extend a warm invitation to join our Addiction Recovery Ministry. You are not alone in this journey, and we believe that through faith, community, and support, lasting recovery is possible. At Blackey Baptist Church, we are here to offer hope, healing, and a fresh start.